The Fighter Group (Squadron) GC II/4, compound of the SPA 160 Diable Rouge (Red devil) and the SPA 155 Petit Poucet (Tom Thumb), has been created in May 1939, the 15 th and terminated in August 1940, the 25 th.

It’s been actively part of the France Campaign, with glorious war reports that France fighting tradition can be proud of.


This site is a tribute to those who were there, and had been carrying high and proudly Valour and Honor values on their shoulders.


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Thanks to :


René RUBIN, Sous-Lieutenant member of the "Diables Rouges" from March, 1940. Ace with 5 known victories, 4 of which in the GC II/4. “for this emotional Interview...”

Urbain CALUZIO, Sergent-mécanicien of Camille PLUBEAU  member of the "Petits Poucets" during the France Campaign, then of Edmond MARIN-LA-MESLEE in the GC I/5, after the termination of the GC II/4. “for the two treasures that he offered us: his friendship, and an exceptionnal testimony. Urbain, your smile is in our heart for ever...”

Jean PROTT, representant of the "Diables Rouges" inside the “Anciens du Lafayette” association. Co-creator of the Conde-Vraux airfield museum (51). Mechanic in the Diables Rouges during the France Campaign. “for his tireless willing to keep the Past alive, his humour and dynamism, his great help in our searches...”

Noël PLUBEAU, son of Camille PLUBEAU †, Ace in the "Petits Poucets", 14 known victories. Publisher of the book « Diables Rouges et Petits Poucets.”   “for his support, and the wonderful photos he gaves us...”

Pierre ACCART, son of the Général ACCART †, commander of the GC I/5 during the France Campaign. “for his liking and the documents he provides us...”

Luce GAUME, Chief curator of the Heritage. Archives Division Chief. History Service of the Armée de l’Air (SHAA). “for having allowed us to spread our computers all over the tables, in this beautiful and peaceful reading room of the SHAA...”


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